Sunday June 30 to Now

I took the subway to Betty’s for the baseball meeting. I was late for it and by the time i got there people were getting ready to leave. I stayed with the few stragglers and had a couple of drinks. Kate finished work and came and met us. On the way home i decided i wanted to go for a swim. Our apartment building has a pool which closes at nine and is guarded by a 5 foot fence. Long story short i hopped the fence, landed and twisted my knee, paramedics called and was taken to Toronto East General. After a long wait in the incredibly crowded ER i was seen by a doctor. Xrays and MRI’s were done and it showed i had an ACL Tear and a Lateral Meniscus Tear. Great. Go home with percocet and live with the pain till i see a specialist the following week. from injury to the time i saw the specialist was awful. i couldnt do anything except lie on the couch in pain. Kate helped me so much in the first couple of weeks. saw the doctor said the swelling was too bad and to come back a week later. went back and said the injury was too complex and referred me to a specialist. Specialist saw me, booked a surgery then went ahead with surgery. The first one was to fix my meniscus. that was done on July 25th. The pain was bad. I started physio on July 25th and my goal was to reach 90 degree bend before the second surgery (sometime in September). Today is August 7, reahced 90 at physio yesterday and im seeing DR. Theo today at 2:45….


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