2 months

This is stuff shot in January and February

Robert Barootes checks his phone while heading home from work through the Allan Lambert Galleria inside Brookfield Place at Bay and Wellington Sts. on Jan. 8, 2009.

Former Maple Leaf Bryan McCabe is at the bottom of the dogpile after he scored the overtime winning goal to make it 4-3 against the Leafs.

Snow runoff is seen splashing at Nathan Phillip Square on a day with above average temperatures.

People are seen using the the hill at Howard Talbot park near Eglinton Ave. and Bayview on Sunday January 18, 2009
A lot of people asked how this photo ended up with the funky colour. I shot this at a school which has those huge orange flood lights…. yellowish/red

Owens-Illinois is a Toronto company which closed its doors on september 30, throwing about 500 people out of work. The company made glass bottles primarily for the LCBO.

Foggy night along Redpath south of Eglinton.

Aman Tahir, 5, stands with other men at Queens Park on a day when Pashtun Canadians of Pakistani and Afghan origin protested against the Taliban and their killings in Northern Pakistan.

Joharanee Deidendran is just one of the many Sri Lankan’s gathered at Union Station forming a human chain on Friday January 30, 2009. The demonstrators are trying to raise awareness about the escalating civil war in Sri Lanka.

Family Day at the Beaches Boardwalk.

Sign shop supervisor, John Pezzentu, and the Director of the Traffic Management Centre in Toronto, Roberto Stopnicki, show us the dark room at the Sign shop. The dark room is used to make a sort of negative to then print on sheets of metal which become signs.


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