Thursday – Friday

On Thursday I photographed Colleen Walsh at Cherry Beach.
Look around for two nice places and did the shoot.
that was in the morning and in the afternoon i headed up to Brampton to shoot our Saturday Front.
Met Jeffrey Marshall and he showed me around the house.
I did two photos.
One in the backyard which landed on front.

Jeffrey Marshall, 23, was in serious debt until he decided to get help from a credit counsellor. Now he is on the road to recovery.
Photographed at his home in Brampton.
(Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star)

The other using a window which landed up as a headshot inside.

On Friday I photographed Jose Lima
while playing pool at a bar on Bloor St. West.

Jose Lima, a $14.5 million 6/49 jackpot winner of a year ago. Lima was the west-end butcher who gave away $30,000 worth of chicken to customers and spread another quarter million around the store. He’s since been driven out of his job of 20 years because he became a target of persistent mooching from the locals and strangers. Though now retired, he still walks 10 km each weekday to a bar a couple of doors down from the butcher shop and plays cards and hangs out.
(Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star)

I also made this other frame while there.


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