Last Two Days

In the middle of shooting the SickKids special section the baby transplant story popped up.
Story Here
I spent a couple of hours with reporter Emily Mathieu trying to track down both families involved. In the end we managed to find one family and the father of the other. We also gathered photos and videos from both parents.

Jason Wallace, centre, and his wife, Crystal Vitelli, meet with Kevin O’Connor, whose baby daughter Lillian needs a heart transplant. Wallace and Vitelli received word April 6, 2009 their daughter Kaylee’s heart is strong and may be considered for donation.
(Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star)

After getting back to the office they were in need of a weather photo.

A woman walks with an umbrella at the Yonge and Temperance just north of Adelaide on April 6, 2009.
(Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star)

Tuesday (wednesday) i continued work on the SickKids special section from about noon to four. At four i took over Rick Eglinton’s spot at sick kids and waited till about 8 for Jason Wallace to come and give us an update on the transplant.

April 7 2009
Jason Wallace, father of baby Kaylee Wallace, speaks to reporters after surgeons decide that a transplant cannot go forward as planned because his daughter stayed awake for an hour after she was taken of life support.
(Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star)


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